So last week I was able to experience the quickest flight of my life and did it with style.

Me and my best friend/ business partner had a guest from China and it was their first time here in the Philippines so they want to see other parts of the country. For some reason they want to go to Laoag in a private plane so we chose to fly with Asian Aerospace. We were told by the owner that we’ll be using their newest plane, I guess we got lucky there.


An eight-seater plane that can go anywhere in the Philippines and even abroad.


and coz we were flying privately, I think its best to dress dapperly.


A closer look to these stylish bracelets from The Ei8hth.


and of course Chaplin the fine looking watch from The Gentleman Project. By the way it’s automatic.


The pilots view was amazing, except in the photo hahaha


well this one’s a must…

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My print on print shirt and tie from Perry Ellis and Aldo.


Outfit inspired by the uniform from Oxford University.

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As soon as we landed in Laoag we just assisted the guests to the person in-charge for their vacation and had a quick break coz we have to fly back to Manila right away. We found out that every hour of not taking off cost 15,000 pesos. Literally time is precious…

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Flying privately has its perks like you don’t have to wait in line to check in your luggage, you don’t have to be super early in the airport for your departure, you don’t have to worry about the delay of flight, you don’t have to think about whose gonna be your seat mate inside the plane, you just have to be willing to pay a hefty price of flying privately. But nevertheless It was indeed a superb kind of flight experience and it was the right choice to fly with Asian Aerospace.


Photography by Emerson Lee

Originally posted at The Filo Dapper on Apr 9, 2015 . See the whole article here: QUICKEST FLIGHT