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Enjoying The Philippine Islands By Private Air Taxi

The Philippines is by far, one of our favorite travel destinations. This country has some of the most beautiful beaches and friendliest people in the world! But, we’ve been to the Philippines enough to know that bridging the gap between its 7,000 islands can be a bit daunting. There really are only four options to get from one island to the next: By ferry, private boat, commercial plane, private plane/helicopter. – OR- the less popular option – swimming.

We recently visited the Island of Bohol with our friends Scott & Kelly. The Island is known for it’s 1,776 ‘Chocolate Hills’ that have been declared the country’s third National Geological Monument and proposed for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage list. It’s also home to the smallest primate in the world & the inspiration behind Yoda – the tarsier. We spent two days touring Panglao before heading back home to Cebu.

Getting home was half the fun. After a quick ro-sham-beaux, we decided on chartering a private air taxi from Panglao to Cebu City. While we knew a private plane would be more expensive than taking a ferry or flying commercial, we knew it would be the fastest way to get home & avoid delays. Being that our friends were with us only a short while, we felt convenience and time savings warranted the extra expense.

Bloggers Melody and Trevor
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Booking an Air Taxi
Arranging a charter flight from Tagbilaran Bohol was a cinch. Just like calling a cab, we simply phoned from our hotel in Panglao & booked the flight over the phone. Within two hours, our pilot was in the terminal ready to greet us! We handed him our passports, he gave us our boarding passes, we walked through inspection & quickly boarded the plane.

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Our Review
We have to say that was a fun & worthwhile experience. Booking the flight was simple and hassle free. By-passing the lines at the airport and being greeted personally by our pilot was a nice touch. While the flight came with a larger price tag, we appreciated that it offered both quick & convenient transportation and also a 30 minute aerial tour over Bohol. Seeing the chocolate hills, turquoise waters & scattered islands from the sky was priceless. We’d highly recommend their services if you are looking to maximize your Island Hopping experience & have a unique story to tell. The staff are incredibly friendly & there really is no better thrill!

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More Info
Our Cessna Turbo 206h – fit 5 passengers & cost around 45,000ph or 800+ US. They offer over 20 different Jets and Helicopters to fit your needs + they fly to various travel destinations such as: Manila, Cebu, Davao, Boracay, Puerto Princesa, Clark & Panglao. For more information, you can visit their website at


+63 2 628 8900
+63 908 818 9999

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