Air Ambulance

Air Ambulance

AirTaxi.PH offers Emergency Services using its fleet of aircraft. This ranges from Air Ambulance, Hostage Extraction, High-Profile VIP Convoys, among others.

With clients from both Government and Private sectors, AirTaxi.PH is able to provide its clients the best the industry has to offer. A complete range of aircraft is able to give clients the necessary option to use in a specific situation.

As AirTaxi.PH’s fleet of aircraft is spread throughout the country, immediate extraction for Air Ambulance or Hostage Extraction is very much possible.

Below are recent examples of the notable institutions that have trusted AirTaxi.PH Emergency Services, whether it be Air Ambulance, Hostage Extraction, or High-Profile VIP Convoys.

Air Ambulance 2    Air Ambulance 1

Recent examples of notable institutions that have trusted AirTaxi.PH for its Emergency Services: